Legionnaires’ disease is a potentially fatal pneumonia-like disease caused by the inhalation of contaminated water droplets.  All man-made hot and cold water systems are likely to provide an environment where Legionella can grow.  More information can be found on our Legionella page.

What is a landlord?

Landlords are classed as anyone who is renting out a property that they own, under a lease or licence shorter than seven years.

What are my responsibilities?

The responsibilities of landlords are clearly defined in HSG 274 part 2, paragraph 2.138:

“Landlords who provide residential accommodation, as the person in control of the premises or responsible for the water systems in their premises, have a legal duty to ensure that the risk of exposure of tenants to legionella is properly assessed and controlled…”

How can I fulfil my responsibilities?

You will require a risk assessment and if you are competent, you may carry this out yourself.  However, most people will delegate this to a competent person or company (preferable a Legionella Control Association accredited company as stated in the Approved code of practice L8) but it remains your responsibility to ensure it is carried out.  ChemTech Consultancy’s staff are extremely experienced and fully trained in water hygiene matters and legionella compliance.

ChemTech Consultancy can provide you with a simple solution going forward. We can provide landlords with a tailored package including;

  • Full premises risk assessment
  • Tenant advice notice
  • Void shut down / start up procedures
  • Full list of any remedial measures and control measure required for your property
  • Schematic drawings

Make an enquiry today to find out how we can ensure you are fully legionella compliant in your properties.

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