Microbiological Services

By using a UKAS approved Laboratory, ChemTech Consultancy are able to offer a range of microbiological sampling services i.e. domestic water services, swimming pools and cooling towers.  Depending upon the nature of the risk, specific testing for Legionella Pneumophila may be undertaken. Testing for Total Viable Counts, E. coli and coliforms also have a place in control schemes and may be used for trend analysis.  Most importantly ChemTech Consultancy will provide a detailed report which will assist clients with the interpretation of the results and recommend any changes to assist in reducing the risk.  These reports will often consider trend analysis for our clients which is recognised as the most effective method of microbiological monitoring.

These services are available from our Linwood and Aberdeen offices with on-site samples collected by our Technicians and plated at the Laboratory on the same day.

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