Cooling Towers

ChemTech Consultancy can provide the following Cooling Tower Services:

  • Full Clean and Disinfection of Cooling Towers
  • Pack removal and cleaning
  • In situ foam cleaning of pack with pre and post endoscope (boroscope) photographs
  • Full pack and drift eliminator replacement

The safe operation of evaporative cooling tower equipment is governed by the requirements of the HSE document: Approved Code of Practice – L8:2013 and Technical Guidance HSG274 Part 1; “The control of legionella bacteria in evaporative cooling systems.”

This is a benchmark against which all legal duties, procedures, maintenance programmes and management regimes may be compared.

When and how often should a cooling system be cleaned and disinfected?

From Technical Guidance HSG 274 Part 1:

A cooling system should always be inspected, disinfected and, if required, cleaned if there is a significant change in operation status such as:

  • immediately before the system is first commissioned;
  • after any prolonged shutdown of a month or longer (a risk assessment may indicate the need for cleaning and disinfection after a period of less than one month, especially in summer and for health care premises where shutdown is for more than five days);
  • if the tower or any part of the cooling system has been physically altered, eg refurbishment or replacement of pumps, pipework or heat exchangers.

Pack Cleaning

Whether the pack is removed or not, evidence of its cleanliness should be demonstrated, an assessment made using appropriate techniques and the findings recorded. Photographic records of pack condition can help in this process and should be maintained.

  • removal of the entire pack
  • removal of the representative sections of the pack
  • use of a boroscope/endoscope to inspect representative sections of the pack either removed or in situ
  • split pack blocks to inspect them internally
  • visual assessment with a comprehensive written and photographic record

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