Audits & Control Schemes

The Approved Code of Practice L8:2013 “Legionnaires Disease – The control of legionella in water systems”, paragraphs 25, 32, 46,47,52,56, 65-69 and 70-74 confirms the need to periodically review, update and audit management procedures; communication systems; training requirements; risk assessment validity; written control schemes and record systems. Lines of communications should be clear, unambiguous and audited regularly to ensure that they are effective.

Barrow, Cumbria – Legionnaires Disease Outbreak 2002 – 7 people died 180 infected – causes:

  • Poor lines of communication and unclear lines of responsibility
  • Failure to act on advice and concerns raised
  • Failure to carry out risk assessments
  • Poor management of contractors and contract documentation
  • Inadequate training and resource
  • Individual failings

ChemTech Consultancy’s Independent Legionella Audits can give you the “peace of mind” that your Legionella control systems and practices are compliant with current good practice procedures and the latest relevant legislation. Our audits are ideal for the public and private sectors e.g. property managers, building owners, landlords, housing associations, health and safety managers, and facilities managers.

ChemTech Consultancy is able to provide a full Legionella Compliance Audit of all types of properties. This Legionella Audit, involves one of our auditors reviewing your properties and highlighting procedural aspects where compliance could be improved or where the requirements of ACoP L8 (Legionnaires Disease: The Control of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems) are not being met.

ChemTech Consultancy’s’ Independent Legionella Audits have been developed to give you and your organisation the confidence and peace of mind that your legionella risk assessment, schematics, management and control systems, written scheme and other records are compliant with current good practice procedures and the latest relevant legislation. They also help to ensure that when required, you can demonstrate to the controlling authorities viz HSE, that all your record and log book systems, and procedures are fully compliant.

ChemTech Consultancy can provide site specific logbooks to record all monitoring results and hold relevant records.  This may be in either paper format, where a site logbook is physically retained by the client to record all monitoring records or can be in electronic web-based format.  Resulting from the risk assessment, control schemes are written for implementation by the client. Often clients will contract us to carry these out, all or part of these, on their behalf for their domestic water services.  Clients are then able to choose from a menu of options often requesting ChemTech Consultancy to carry out some or all of these duties on their behalf.

Temperature Monitoring

L8 requires that sentinel points, cold water storage tanks, calorifiers, showers and random outlets are all monitored at specific intervals with many being on a monthly basis.  Our team of field based service technicians carry these out, recording results in the site logbook or uploading via our PDAs onto the client’s electronic system to allow for real time access to records.    Where the records are in paper format, ChemTech Consultancy would leave Customer Service Reports detailing works and any corrective actions required. If in electronic format ChemTech Consultancy would use a PDA system to upload the client’s report to the electronic management system. All information provided will allow the client to manage all ACoP L8 monitoring requirements.

Microbiological Monitoring

By using a UKAS approved Laboratory, ChemTech Consultancy are able to offer a range of microbiological sampling services i.e. domestic water services, swimming pools and cooling towers.  Depending upon the nature of the risk, specific testing for Legionella Pneumophila may be undertaken. Testing for Total Viable Counts, E. coli and coliforms also have a place in control schemes and may be used for trend analysis.  Most importantly ChemTech Consultancy will provide a detailed report which will assist clients with the interpretation of the results and recommend any changes to assist in reducing the risk.  These reports will often consider trend analysis for our clients which is recognised as the most effective method of microbiological monitoring.

Inspection Services

Part of the ACoP L8 monitoring requirement involves the inspection of Cold Water Storage Tanks, Water Heaters and Calorifiers annually.   ChemTech Consultancy carries out these services using our highly trained technicians whose experience ensures that appropriate recommendations regarding any requirements for Cleaning and Disinfection or remedial works are met.  These inspection reports are accompanied by photographic evidence to allow the client to better understand the reasoning behind the recommendations.

Let us carry out a Legionella Audit for you and ensure you have essential Control Scheme records - call now.

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